Saturday, 17 January 2009

A woman's Prayer!!

Hello People, hope every one had a lovely week.
Mine was ok, but one shift (just one shift) DRAINED me.
I work in a psychiatric Hospital and i was the only permanent staff working,
I had to do ward round in the morning and then co-ordinate in the Afternoon.....
In one one ward it was a TERRIBLE SHIFT, but i that God it's over till next week.

Alright, the Joke...


Dear Lord,
I pray for wisdom to understand man
Love to forgive him
And patience for his mood
Cos if i pray for Strength
I'll just beat him to Death...

Wish you all a Fantastic weekend!!!!!!!!!!


  1. ha ha ha...u one nutty lady. Interesting prayer ah ah, no beat him to Hope your weekend going good.

  2. you have been tagged in the 2 truths,1 lie game

  3. I am definitely loving this

  4. ok that sounded a bit weird...not like i want to beat my husband to death o...i just find the joke funny

  5. I find the joke funny as well...
    Don't worry, im sure we wouldn't beat our husband to death