Thursday, 8 January 2009

Age... Hmm!!!

That's me blowing out 24 candels on my birthday.
I must say i enjoyed being 24 and still enjoying it. But, Alas! I turn 25 in precisely 5 months, 13 day and im scared. Not sure if im the only one feeling this way but if you are i will like to know how you are coping and if you know what im talking about, please tell me how you coped.
Don't get me wrong: not that i'm not happy with what i've achieved... Frankly i've done quite well and im over the moon. I just feel... Wow 25? That's big. I'm no longer going to be in the 19-24 box, it's now 25 and above... SCARY!!
I felt the same way when i clocked 20. It felt to big, just to heavy to say,so i kept saying i'm twenteen. Anyway,i've decided i'm going to leave my age as 24,even when i turn 25... I'm still 24.. Ok,ok... Just joking. Im going to live life,achieve, and enjoy every moment. I think we should we should all do.


  1. Hopefully will be among the first to wish you a Happy Birthday that day. Age is a matter of number so don't be Thirties is the new fifteen, forties is the new I really don't care how old I am, as long as my age brings more maturity and have a great weekend.

  2. Love the phrase " Thirties is now the new fifteen. Thanks my friend....
    Have a great weekend yourself.

  3. :) enjoy life. no need to be scared

  4. awww you look soo pretty still! dont be scared, embrace it!

  5. Nice blog...keep it up & pls....enuff of the

  6. MIMI- Thanks i've decided to enjoy life and take things easy.

    MS O- I think im now begining to embrace it slowly... And honestly it's nit that bad. Thaanks.

    BEULAH- Love your name.. And im definately through with the

  7. dont worry u are not the only one scared of growing old, but my only consoling thing is that naija pple say there is wisdom in nice blog..